Internet Marketing Videos - Tips for Beginners in Online Marketing

Internet Marketing Videos – Tips for Beginners in Online Marketing

If you’re a beginner in online marketing, there’s a good chance you’ve come across online marketing videos on the internet, offering to teach you everything from starting your own online marketing business to product creation to customer relations. This is one of the savviest techniques to come out of the Internet, particularly because it’s convenient, provides immediate deployment and is easy to share. Is this the right medium for you? Below, we take a look at the advantages of internet marketing videos and how they can benefit your online marketing business.

Why you should consider internet marketing videos

Internet marketing videos serve two major purposes – first is to inform viewers about a company’s product and/or service and to inform or instruct site visitors. If you’re a beginner in online marketing, internet marketing videos can teach you a lot of things about the industry you’re in. Online marketing has developed at such a fast rate that trends and practices prevalent just 12 months ago are already considered ineffective today. Internet marketing videos, produced at a fast rate by other online marketers, are constantly updated and as such, can provide you with the latest information about the business.

Internet marketing videos are also a very efficient way to learn, whether you’re a beginner or have some level of experience. They are easier to process, can present topics in much more interesting and exciting ways compared to the more static textual information you’re so used to seeing. Videos are also easier to share. Should you find a very interesting clip, you could copy it, forward it as a file or just simply provide a link to it from your website or e-mail message.

What to look for in internet marketing videos

Truth to tell, not all internet marketing videos are useful for your online marketing business. For every video out there that offers you high quality learning and information, there are two or three others that are completely useless. In fact, an online marketing insider has even come up with a Top 10 list of the worst internet marketing videos available today. This is why you should be careful about what you view.

The best thing to do for an online marketing beginner when looking for an internet marketing video is to search for individual names and companies first. Online marketing is a rather exclusive industry and with a little bit of effort in research, you will be able to come across names of individuals who are viewed as trusted experts and gurus online.

Many of these people come up with their own videos, some of which are informational and others, tutorial. Take note of these personalities and do a second search, this time to look for videos in which these people have appeared. This will help ensure you only access quality internet marketing videos.

You might also want to check out reviews in industry forums and websites. Your fellow online marketers are an excellent source of information about news and trends. They have some of the best sources for learning about your industry.

Where to find internet marketing videos

Many internet marketing experts post their videos on their websites. If you have a list of reliable names in the online marketing industry, search for their websites and you’re likely to find links to their internet marketing videos.

You might also want to search for videos on websites created by other online marketers. Many of these people, while not yet industry experts themselves, will gladly post the latest videos for other people to view, either as a way to share information or to build traffic to their websites. You could also search for videos on video sites, such as Google Video, and YouTube. Video clips are categorized here and many online marketers frequent these sites.

Using your own internet marketing videos

Create your own internet marketing videos if you want to introduce your company, product or service. However, if you wish to teach others about the industry, it’s recommended that you gain enough experience in online marketing before you try to come up with your own internet marketing videos. It takes a bit of recognizability and reputation before you can convincingly produce an internet marketing video that people will believe. As a beginner in online marketing, you do not have these, at least, not yet. You’ll also need good experience in the industry plus a truly important idea that the industry will find valuable. You might have a good idea right now but you will need to back it up with much needed reputation. People want proof that something will work and to convince them, you’ll need to show some evidence.

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