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Intermittent fasting has become a booming sensation among health enthusiasts, claiming to bring about weight loss and mental clarity while improving overall health. No wonder this diet method is taking the fitness world by storm!

But have you ever wondered about the effects of intermittent fasting on metabolism? In this video, we will be answering that very question!

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Metabolism is the process that happens within our cells, transforming the food we eat into energy to keep us going – like a miniature furnace!


Intermittent fasting boosts your metabolism by promoting “metabolic switching” – when your body changes from burning glycogen stores (glucose) in the liver to instead fatty acids for energy. Not only does it help with weight loss, but intermittent fasting can also enhance our “metabolic flexibility,” allowing an easier transition between glucose- and fat-burning modes.

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Intermittent fasting increases your metabolism by changing the way your hormones function. But what does that look like? Here are four ways fasting can have a metabolic effect:

1- Taking a break from eating can be an effective way to lose weight and increase your metabolism. This is because intermittent fasting has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, help keep blood sugar levels stable, and help manage your calorie intake!

2- Scientists have found that fasting 24 hours can trigger the body’s natural fat-burning capabilities. Firstly, by increasing human growth hormone production, which is vital in optimizing muscle retention and fat loss. In men, this surge can be up to an incredible 2,000% whilst women may experience up to a 1,300% increase. This increase in human growth hormone production can also help rev up your metabolism for an extra boost!

3- Our bodies are programmed to be the most efficient at burning energy in the morning. Intermittent fasting can help us take advantage of this natural rhythm by reducing food intake when our metabolism is slower – at night! This helps improve our metabolic rate so we can enjoy a boost of energy the next day.

4- Studies have also reported that a 10-hour fast can help improve overall health in people with metabolic syndrome: a chronic condition that includes high blood pressure, excess fat around the waist (abdominal fat), and elevated blood sugar levels.

If you’re looking to shed weight sustainably, intermittent fasting may be the option for you! Make sure to include on your ‘feast’ days or eating windows foods like Optifast’s Protein Plus Shake, providing an easy and tasty boost of high-quality protein.

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