If You See a Coin In Your Car Door Handle, Run And Call the Police!

We are going to reveal 7 new tricks car thieves are using and what you can do to save your car from being stolen. Remember these secret tricks to protect yourself.
About one million cars are stolen in the US each year. The biggest targets are Toyota, Honda, and General Motors vehicles. According to the thieves themselves, this is because these cars are a little easier to steal and their spare parts are in high demand.
New-generation car thieves are using gadgets to steal vehicles. Criminals are hacking into the latest “keyless” systems to enter the newest models. Criminals copy and reproduce your car’s VIN to organize a huge fraud scheme. Another way car thieves get close to your vehicle is by posing as, for example, mechanics. Some thieves will hang out around grocery stores and major supermarkets and stalk their prey, so to say.

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Blocked car announcement scam 0:43
New-generation car thieves 1:48
The VIN trick 4:06
Fake mechanics 5:57
Late night alarm 6:29
Parking lot attacks 7:14
The coin trick 8:18

-Criminals have an announcement made that your car is blocking theirs and attack you as you rush to the car.
-New-generation car thieves use complicated signal pinging to open your car, so if you have a car with keyless entry, get a special radio signal deactivation option.
-Criminals copy and reproduce your car’s VIN to organize a huge fraud scheme.
-Service your car in trusted places only.
-Thieves set the alarm off in your car in the dead of night to make you disable it.
-Some thieves wait for a lone shopper to walk to their car in the parking lot and attack them.
-The coin used by thieves prevents the lock on one of the doors from working, the owner walks away, and the thieves get in.

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