I Scammed a Facebook Scammer in the Sisterlocks / Microlocs Groups

Facebook groups are a wonderful place for anyone on their loc journey. Microlocks, Sisterlocks, Braidlocs, Interlocks, or Traditional locs – there’s a group for us all. Scammers love to lurk in the Facebook loc groups posing as reputable locticians waiting for an opportunity to rob their unsuspecting victims in the DMs. And I’m sick of seeing people get got.

So I decided to reach out to a scammer that I have blocked from my Sisterlocks Facebook group, and what I found out about their process even shocked ME.

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ps – don’t send a deposit to ANY loctician that you do not know without having an in-person consultation.

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0:00 Spoiler Alert
0:49 My Intro
1:42 The Loc Facebook Community is Lit
2:00 – About my Admin Goals
2:29 – It’s Hard to Find Good Locticians
4:19 – This is what a scammer looks like
6:26 – The Scammer Stole Her Identity
8:08 – A Deeper Look at a Scammer’s Facebook Page
9:23 – Scammer Comparison
9:52 – My DM Convo with Receipts
13:29 – Oh No She Didn’t!
14:00 – How to Deep Dive an Address/Business
16:31 – Cash App – DO NOT EVER send a deposit w/o an in-person consultation
17:28 – Was this a double scam? Drop in the comments
19:49 – Don’t let this scare you, chile – there is HOPE
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