How To Use Guides In A Facebook Group [Easy Way To Get Clients]

In this video I’m going to show you how to use Guides in a Facebook group.

Specifically, you’re going to learn the correct way to set up your Facebook group Guides section, and then we’re going to look at how to use Guides in a Facebook group in order to nurture your leads faster so that you can make more sales!

This is ideal for any business owner who’s using a Facebook group to sell a digital product, a course, or any sort of online coaching. You need to use your Facebook guides to automate your nurturing process so that you convert leads into paying clients faster.

Plus, you’ll learn 2 important bonus tips showing how to use Facebook group guides to get your group members watching the exact content you want them to watch… Most Facebook group admins miss this trick and therefore don’t get the most selling power from their Facebook guides.


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