How to use guide section in Facebook Groups

A step-by-step guide on how to use ‘guide’ section in Facebook Groups

Facebook guides are a way to organize and share content and resources with the members of the group. This work like an education module and are a great tool to help the members.

How to access guides in Facebook group?
First, login to your FB account.
Make sure that you’ve joined a specific FB group wherein you can access relevant content.
Click on the FB group you’ve joined.
On the tabs just right under the cover photo of the FB group, you will find Guides.
Click on the guides and you will find different contents grouped as one. For example, in this group, all quarter 1 modules are found in Guide 1 titled as Quarter 1. Another is guide 2, all quarter 2 modules are found here.

Admins can track member completion! For example, if you have modules or training guides, Admins can track who has completed them. You can download the file posted by the admin. You can click “Done” to tell admins that you have completed the guide. This will be visible to the admin in their Insights.

Admins can then view their group insights and see details on each members’ unit and post completion.

So that’s it for today! Hope this helps. Thanks and see you later! Bye!


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