How to use Facebook Groups to look for clients (Tagalog Version)

Do you want to get more out of the Facebook Groups you’ve joined?

Facebook groups can be a goldmine of prospects especially if you know how to make connections and engage. In today’s lesson, I will share with you techniques that I use to acquire clients using Facebook Groups:

1. Choose your market
2. Check their Tech Stack
3. Join the tech stack’s official group
4. Search for your market inside the group
5. Engage – 10 Days
6. Connect on all channels
7. Cheerleading and Value posting
8. Connecting

If you are looking for employment, the approach can look something like this:
1. You connect immediately
2. You ask permission to send them a message through comments (if allowed)
3. if they say say, slide to their DM
4. Give your pitch + inquire about their budget
5. Invite to hop on a call

To learn more:
Check out my blog here: How to Use Facebook Groups to Find Clients

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