How To Turn Off/Remove Suggested Groups,Pages In Facebook & Block Ads

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This tutorial is about how to remove suggestions from facebook search.

Using my video you can stop suggested pages ad and hide suggested groups,posts.

This method is new one 2022 released,by using it you can disable/delete all your facebook related notifications like that suggested peoples.


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how to get rid of suggested searches on facebook :

1.Today i will show you how to remove facebook suggested groups,pages and ads.

2.First of all goto your google web store and search that app name and click to “Add to chrome” option.

3.Then select “Add extension” and wait for sometime.

4.Once the installation is completed,again goto your facebook profile and login/sign in your details.

5.Now in this facebook page section,you can click to enable that extension.

6.This will block all your suggestions based ads,groups and pages also.

7.Same way you can also turn off recommended videos in your fb messenger.

8.This trick also works on google chrome and android mobile.


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