How To Target Your Ideal Audience In 2023 With Facebook Ads

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Hey! If you’re new to the channel, my name is Nick Theriot

I’ve been running Facebook ads since 2015 and have done over $50m in revenue for our clients. We work with a variety of brands but the majority or e-commerce!

In this video, I’m going to share some tips and strategies for targeting your ideal audience with Facebook ads in 2023.

Facebook is a powerful advertising platform that can help you reach millions of people around the world, but it can be challenging to know how to target the right audience for your business.

In this video, I’ll be discussing the latest trends and techniques for identifying your ideal customer, creating effective ads, and maximizing your advertising budget.

Whether you’re just starting out with Facebook advertising or you’re looking to take your campaigns to the next level, I think you’ll find these tips to be valuable and actionable.

So, let’s get started and learn how to target your ideal audience with Facebook ads in 2023!

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– Nick Theriot

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