How to run Virtual Events on Facebook with Facebook Groups

In this video we’re going to be looking at how you can run virtual events on Facebook using Facebook Groups.

This is an incredibly popular topic we’re getting asked a lot about, but the first thing to say is virtual events aren’t new – they were growing before the COVID pandemic. JustGiving released some data that found that virtual events on Facebook were seeing 1,000% growth year on year.

Then the COVID pandemic hit and because of social distancing and lockdowns, it really accelerated virtual event fundraising. It might have taken years to come about but actually what the COVID pandemic did is accelerate virtual events.

Blackboard released a study that found over 76% of organisations have used at least one virtual fundraising initiative for the first time during a lockdown, and up to 60% of organisations now use virtual event fundraising.

At the same time, it’s not all good news. A UK agency called Massive, who are experts in event fundraising, found that some virtual events raised a huge amount of money, but others lag behind. They found that the average virtual event raised £33,000 pounds $45,000 USD, which for a small organisation is a lot of money but less so for larger organisations.

At GivePanel, we see virtual events that raise a lot of money and some that don’t. But we think we found a way to run virtual events that raises a lot of money and, using GivePanel’s Facebook Fundraising tools, our clients are raising a lot more than the average.

Just to prove that, here are some of our clients and the results they’ve gained using the methods we’re gonna teach you today:

We regularly see virtual events run on Facebook that raise nearly £1,000,000. This is across the UK, Ireland, and now in the US as well.

These amounts are raised regularly and even small organisations come in and raise £500,000 / $600,000 or dollars when they run their virtual events.

What I’m going to tell you today is the key to virtual event success: Facebook Groups.

Facebook Groups really are the key secret to how to do virtual events and if you want a breakthrough virtual event, you have to get serious about Facebook Groups.

Why are Facebook groups so important?

Firstly, if you’re going to gather people online into a community, Facebook Groups are the best way to do that. There’s a lot of people already using Facebook and Facebook groups just are a fantastic way to gather people around the topic.

Facebook have actually been prioritising Facebook Groups in the newsfeed as well, with the aim of promoting connection on their platform. They’ve deprioritised things like Facebook Pages, because they get less connection, but they prioritise things like Facebook Groups. So using Facebook Groups is a great way to get more priority in the Facebook newsfeed compared to using something like pages or events.

Because of this, you don’t actually want to use Facebook events for your virtual challenge events. Instead, use Facebook groups for your events.

Facebook have also developed an absolute huge amount of features into Facebook groups over the years and there are some amazing features in Facebook Groups you can use for your virtual event.

So what are these Facebook Group features and how can you use them to make your virtual events a success?

Let’s look at five ways you can use Facebook groups for your virtual event for fundraising.

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