How To Read FACEBOOK ADS For Your CLOTHING BRAND and Ecommerce | Ad Objective Beginners Tutorial

Traffic Ads: Market tests if you have a big budget. Data collection.
Conv. Ads: Collect data on potential conversion.
Engmt Ads: Spread brand awareness.

This is for you if you have run ads before and get stuck making sense of all the data in your charts. In short, all platforms from Meta and Google to Tik Tok and Pinterest have the same metrics.
The mistake that’s commonly made is everyone teaching to run a conversion campaign ONLY.
Now you’re stuck looking at a bunch of numbers (data) and don’t know what to do with it and you still don’t have sales.

Peace, I’m Xopher, and in this video, I go over a few ways to look at the data, what it means, and different ways you should be looking at tracking the metrics that MATTER to your campaign.

Learn what CTR and CPM are and which columns are essential. Gain insight on how to make sense of all the metrics and build the best campaigns for your business. This content is created for small business owners that are wondering how to use the data being collected by any ad platform.

This video was created for a particular FB group so, please disregard any personal names used in this video.

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