How to Post Anonymously in Facebook Group

You can post anonymous in a Facebook group by creating a discussion post and turning on “post anonymous” option. Only certain groups have this setting turned on though. So if your trying to post anonymous in a group that doesn’t have the feature turned on then it will not allow it. Some groups allow you to put in a ticket to allow this option.

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There have been some issues with the iPhone iOS operating system allowing this feature of posting anonymously. If you’re looking to post in a Facebook group anonymously your best of luck use a laptop and do it on a web browser. There has been some issues and bugs with the iPhone Facebook application and the android app.

It can be helpful to post anonymously in Facebook groups due to privacy and safety. Sometimes you want to ask something personal without the idea of other people, knowing what you’re posting. It’s also important to keep your safety and privacy safe and posting anonymously does that.

You may find it difficult to post anonymously in a lot of groups because Facebook groups haven’t really been pushing for this. I’m surprised it’s not more popular but I don’t see a lot of groups having the setting enabled. It’s unfortunate because I feel like the privacy and safety is very important when it comes to social media platforms like Facebook groups.

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