How to Make Money with Facebook Groups (Beginner’s Guide)

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Chantelle Paige Turner
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author and Founder of ‘Stronger Mommy’ & ‘Not Yet Notable’


In the past few days, I’ve been talking about the importance of having multiple revenue streams, being cash-rich so that you can invest and make your money work for you…

This is more important than ever now, that many people are losing their jobs due to the Corona economy, and on top of that they may need cash if god forbid they encounter COVID-19, especially in the US where health care is obviously a problem…

the truth is that I’ve been feeling really bad seeing this first hand, that even some of our Invest Divas lost their jobs and as a result aren’t able to invest at a time which literally all the good stocks could go on an ultimate sale

So I’ve been talking with entrepreneurs whose superpower is making money online out of thin air, and one of them is Chantelle Paige Turner… she is an Author and Founder of ‘Stronger Mommy’ & ‘Not Yet Notable’… and through her incredible journey of becoming a mom to a special needs child, she found the power of Facebook groups, not just to help others, but also to create a revenue stream for herself and her family…

Today she’s going to teach us her 4-step framework to starting, launching, and making money from affiliate marketing with Facebook groups and network marketing… Yup, the app we all love to hate, could be the one generating revenue for us!

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My name is Kiana Danial, I’m the founder of the Invest Diva Movement, a tribe of pro-active moms who want to create a better life for themselves and their kids too…

We don’t just rely on our husbands, the bank, or money managers to determine our financial future… We take control of our money because we know that things can simply change in a blink of an eye, and our financial independence is essential not just just for us, but for our children and their kids to come too…

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Now let’s go say hi to Chantelle and learn all about making money with Facebook groups for beginners.

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