How to join a Facebook Group as your Page 2022 UPDATE

Joining a Facebook group as your Facebook can be ACTUALLY impossible. Here’s everything we’ve learned about this super simple (and often super frustrating!) trick for Facebook marketing.

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Why would anyone want to know how to join a Facebook group as a Facebook page? Because posting as your Facebook Page in groups is actually a great way to get your best content in front of a wider audience on Facebook. THAT SAID, if you’re wondering “Why can’t I join a Facebook Group as my Page?” it’s because it’s sometimes actually impossible to join a Page as your Facebook Group, and you can’t always do anything about it. πŸ™

0:00 intro
0:48 Things that might happen when you try to join a Facebook group as your page
1:17 Possibility 1: You get a member questionnaire pop-up
1:38 Possibility 2: You can only join as a profile
1:50 Possibility 3: Success! You get the “Choose How to Join Group” pop-up!
2:48 Why can’t I join a Facebook group as my page?
3:05 Ask the admin to enable “Join as a page”
3:28 The Mysterious Facebook Page / Groups glitch πŸ’€

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