How to join a Facebook Group as Page

Not all groups will not allow pages to join. So, if the Group does allow Pages to join, then it’s actually a pretty simple system 🙂

Step 1: Log into Facebook and navigate to the Group you’d like to join
Step 2: Click the ‘Join Group Button’
Step 3: If the Group allows Pages to join – it will give you the option to select how you want to join the Group
Step 4: Follow the joining instructions (some groups may have questions you need to answer to join
Step 5: If there is no approval process – you will have instant access to the Group. If there is an approval process – you will need to wait until your request is approved or denied (this will vary depending on the Group).

If you’ve already joined the Group from your Personal Profile and you now want to join from your Page, it can still be done – it’s just a little trickier.

Option 1: Leave the Group and then request to join again – this time from your Business Page.

Option 2: Give someone else (obviously someone you trust) access to your Business Page. They can then request to join the Group from your Business Page. Now in the Group you can choose whether you wish to post from your Business Page or your Personal Profile (there is an option to toggle between the two – see image below)

So bottom line…

Is it possible to join a Group as a Page? Yes

Can you ALWAYS join a Group as Page? No

SHOULD you ALWAYS join a Group as a Page? No

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