How To Join A Facebook Group As A Page | How To Allow Pages To Join Facebook Groups | 2021 Tutorial

In this video I’m going to be teaching you how to join a facebook group as a page and how to allow pages to join your facebook group to help you promote your website and facebook groups. I’ll be showing you the exact steps you need to take in addition to a few tips and tricks that are super important to keep in mind. This tutorial is super easy to follow and will surely help you promote your facebook pages, grow your facebook groups, and lead traffic to your website.

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0:00 Introduction
0:07 Not All Groups Allow Pages To Join
0:21 How To Allow Pages To Join Your FB Group
1:01 How To Join A FB Group As Your Business Page
2:18 Benefits Of Joining A FB Group As A Page vs. Profile
3:16 Organic Traction From FB Page vs. FB Profile
4:21 Improving Organic Reach As A FB Page
5:12 Outro

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