How To Grow A Facebook Group With Facebook Ads [Step By Step Tutorial]

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I’m sure by now Facebook groups need no introduction, they have been growing in popularity with over 620 million groups on Facebook

And they can be a great marketing tool for your online fitness business.

They help you create a gated community where you can provide value, nurture and build a tribe of followers.

I see Facebook groups as a way of doubling your organic reach on Facebook.

So whatever you post on your personal profile you should also be posting inside your group and before you think it…forget about people seeing it twice as it’s highly likely they won’t and if they do it really doesn’t matter.

But with all the online coaching competing and literally millions of groups how do you grow your group to 1,000, 5,000 and 10,000 and beyond.

One proven and automated way is by using paid traffic and specifically Facebook ads.

In this video I want to give you the exact strategy and actually walk you through step by step setting up your group growth Facebook ad campaign.

00:00 Introduction
01:22 Campaign Settings
04:40 Ad Set Settings
11:24 Ad Settings
13:58 Instant Form Settings
20:42 Publishing Your Campaign
22:01 Final Thoughts

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