How To Get a Girlfriend Using Nothing But Facebook

How To Get a Girlfriend Using Nothing But Facebook

How to get a girlfriend? Easy… If you haven’t realized it yet, let me “break it” to you: Facebook is THE place to go for anything related to online socialization. Use it the right way, and you could easy get as plenty as girls as you want. There are a ton of high-quality girls, just waiting to be approached by the right guy. Make yourself that right guy. How? Well I’m glad you asked!

How To Get a Girlfriend With Facebook – Step One – Pimp Your Profile

As an online PUA (Pick Up Artist), your profile is your single most important asset. It all starts (and could end) there. No girl wants to talk to a “creep.” Especially not a hot one. One of the reasons Facebook is such a good dating site, it’s the fact that it’s not an “official” dating site. This means girls have a lower “creep-detector.” It doesn’t mean you’re off the hook, though. Here’s how to ‘Pimp’ Your Profile:

  • Put up a good profile picture. That’s the first thing a girl will see when checking you out. Not sure which picture of you is the best? Just ask your female friends. Easy, right?
  • Expand your friends list. Large network of friends shows high social status and conveys value. Make sure to only add people you really know!
  • Pictures, pictures, and more pictures. Every tagged picture of you is like your business card. The more you got spread around, the more “business” you’ll have:) Make sure you tag yourself wherever possible.

How To Get a Girlfriend With Facebook – Step Two – Intrigue girls

Woman are driven mostly by one thing: Emotions. Sending the usual “Hey cutie” message just ain’t gonna cut it. If you want to get a girl, you need to flip her “emotional switches.” The best way to do it is to confuse her and go after her self confidence. This method is a sure winner. Works especially on SHB’s.

You see, Hot girls are used to being hit on. Online and offline. They are used to have all the power. What you want to do is take the power to your own hands. Let’s say some hot girl changes her profile picture. What all the REGULAR guys will do? Compliment her on the new “smoking” picture.

What will they get? The usual “Thanks honey” from the girl. Now what you’re gonna do? Say something like: “Hey Rachel! You always look SO great in your pictures! What happened in this one?”

See what happens here? She’s reading through all the compliments, thinking to herself how hot she is, and BAM! Here comes your comment. Challenging her looks. Now she has to respond. She has no choice. Why?

Because she is a girl. A hot girl. She has understand what’s WRONG with her and the picture. And the best part? You don’t even have to know her! Now let’s move to the most important step.

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