How To Generate Leads From Facebook Groups Using Direct Outreach Prospecting

This is an AWESOME way to generate leads from Facebook groups using automated direct outreach prospecting. Using one piece of software, we can connect with 30-50 ideal prospects every single day inside these Facebook groups all on auto-pilot.
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0:00 Intro
3:00 How the Facebook group prospecting software works
8:31 How the Facebook group prospecting CRM works
9:42 Turning your Facebook profile into a landing page
11:42 My Facebook group prospecting funnel
13:30 Recap + finding Facebook groups
This Facebook group direct outreach prospecting strategy is by far one of the most powerful lead generation strategies in my marketing agency now.

Not only am I using it to get new SaaS clients, I’m also teaching it to my SaaS clients so they can generate leads for their own business as well!

Essentially what we’re doing is joining 1-3 highly targeted Facebook groups that contain our ideal prospects.

From there, we use Simply Connected to start our direct outreach prospecting by sending 30-50 automated friend requests and intro messages every single day.

This is like having your own prospecting virtual assistant connecting with your ideal prospects for you every day without the cost and pain of hiring a virtual assistant.

Another important part of this Facebook group direct outreach prospecting system is turning your Facebook profile into a landing page.

The idea is that when your prospects start visiting your profile, we want your profile to convert them into leads that optin to your funnels by offering some kind of free lead magnet.

Because not everyone is ready to have a conversation with you right now. But that doesn’t mean they’re not interested in what you have to offer.

So not only are you starting conversations with your ideal prospects, your also generating leads from your Facebook profile as well.

For me, you can’t get much better than this.

This Facebook group direct outreach prospecting strategy should be implemented in every business that offers some type of B2B service.

Hope this was helpful guys!

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