How to Dramatically Increase your Facebook Group Engagement

There are 2 types of Facebook groups you can create. Public and private. With a Facebook private group, only members of the group can see who the other members are and can see the posts.
With a Facebook public group, anyone can see the group, its Facebook members and the posts published.

There are many benefits to starting a Facebook group. First, with a Facebook private group or public group, you can build a community of like-minded people. Unlike Facebook pages where anyone can become a fan, Facebook groups allow you to control and pre-qualify who joins, turning Facebook groups for business more like a community of people who talk to each other, know each other and support each other.
Another benefit of having an fb group is that there is no limit to how many Facebook members it can have. Unlike your Facebook profile which can only have a maximum of 5,000 friends, Facebook groups allow you to have as many Facebook members as you want.
Plus, with Facebook groups for business you have much more control over who joins it if it’s a Facebook closed group. People have to send a request which can be accepted or rejected by the administrator of the fb group. Plus, with membership requests, you can learn more about people who want to join your group by asking them up to three questions.
You can even control who posts on the new Facebook group and you can even choose to pre-approve the posts before they get published.
Another benefit of starting a Facebook group is that you can really benefit from word-of mouth by enabling the feature “any member can add members”. This feature allows existing fb group members to grow your group on your behalf.
Lastly, the other benefit of starting a Facebook group is the opportunity it provides to create a free member’s area for your customers.

If a Facebook private group or public group is managed well, it is a great opportunity to generate traffic leads and sales for businesses.
This is why it’s important to work towards increasing the engagement rate of a Facebook group and there are many ways to do so.
First, welcome new members of the Facebook private group or public group.

Write a post in the Facebook group introducing the new member, sharing some background information about them to other members, welcoming them to the community and inviting them to share their ideas, thoughts, resources or questions.
Another way to increase the engagement of your Facebook private group or public group is to not limit yourself to posting standard posts. Instead, publish polls, or host a Q&A session. This will make your members much more involved in what you publish.
Another way to increase the engagement of your Facebook private group or public group is to tag members of the group in your post. In other words, add their names in your posts. This strategy increases engagement because the people who are mentioned in a post are much more likely to pay attention to it and respond accordingly. For example, if you’re posting content that is likely to interest specific members of the fb group, because they’ve asked questions before about that topic or discussed the topic previously, then add their names in the post.
Another very effective way to increase the engagement of your Facebook group is by going live.
Since Facebook prioritises live videos, your chances of your live post being seen by group members is much higher than any other type of post. And the more people see your live post, the more likely people will engage with it.
Like any video, Facebook live videos need to be of high quality. Make sure your internet connection is strong, your lighting is strong enough to avoid producing dark videos and think of even using an iphone tripod so your video is steady and both your arms are free to communicate more effectively with your audience. Avoid recording your Facebook live video in noisy places or where you can easily be interrupted.

Another effective way to increase the engagement of your Facebook groups for business is to ask members to enable Facebook group notifications. When they do, they will be notified when you publish a post and they will be more likely to see it and engage with it.
In order to enable Facebook group notifications, they will need to click on the 3 dots below the Facebook group banner, and click on “manage notifications”and then select “all posts”so they receive Facebook group notifications for any post published in the group.
Lastly, to increase the engagement rate of your Facebook groups for business even further, engage with your members’ posts. By engaging with other people’s posts, by either liking or commenting on the post, other members are more likely to do the same. Because post engagement invites more post engagement.
If a post has received lots of likes and comments, the post will draw the attention of more people than usual and create a snowball effect.

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