How to Create a Facebook Group [And Monetize It]

In this video I’m going to show you how to create a Facebook group using some more advanced features and settings that will help you monetize your new Facebook group as quickly as possible.

There are 10 steps we’ll cover in this video that you should consider when building a Facebook group:

1. How to choose the right group name
2. What type of group cover photo to use
3. What information you should include in the group description
4. Why the “public” or “private” setting is so crucial
5. What visibility setting you should choose
6. Why you need to set a custom group link
7. Where to store your best content
8. Which apps you’ll likely want to install
9. How to be strategic with your membership questions
10. How to create a “welcome” post that turns group members into clients

There is no better way to attract and nurture online leads than through a Facebook group. So use these 10 steps to get your group started (and growing) today!

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