How I post to 400 FB groups without getting blocked

Facebook marketing has become an essential element in all marketing campaign nowadays. Due to this fact and with current pandemic situation, the cost of facebook ads has increasing to a level that some organizations can afford. Thus, the organization needs to find a cheaper or even free alternatives to market their products or services. One of the method is to use facebook groups, however, posting in groups has low response rate and posting to too many group manually not only tiring but it will put your facebook profile at risk.

In response to this needs, a software has been created to help organization automatically post to as many groups as you wish without getting blocked. If you wish to learn more, please hit below link

(If you are from outside of Malaysia and wish to purchase the software, please contact me

However, the sales page is in Malay as it was created by a group of Malay programmers. You will need Google Translate to translate the page into English or other languages for you.

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