How I Generate Leads From Facebook Groups Every Day

In this video I show you exactly how I generate leads from Facebook Groups every single day.

Even though my Facebook Group is only 18 months old, it already has over 17,000 members and is a great source of leads for my company.

Here’s my Facebook Ads Mastermind Group. We’d love to have you join us 😀:

To generate leads from a Facebook group, you need to attract members and make sure those members engage on a regular basis.

In this video I show you exactly how I get my Facebook Group members to engage with other members and the content I share.

You also need find a way to promote your products and services to your Facebook Group members without putting them off.

I also show you exactly how I do that with high quality content and appropriate CTAs in this video.


How To Grow A Facebook Group Fast! (video):

How To Use Facebook Ads To Grow Your Brand (Fast!) (video):


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