How does AdvertiseKC work?

Here's a Partner How-To.

Here's where you will find out how people earn $ from AdvertiseKC.

AdvertiseKC is a Partner Program plain and simple. This means there aren't any special or complicated systems we need to follow. I'll try and answer these main questions that everyone at one point or another needs an answer to. You are welcome to contact us at any time.

Let's understand what is is you are selling and how we help you sell it.

What are you selling? What is AdvertiseKC?

  • AdvertiseKC is a Website for Local KC Businesses to submit their new products and deals.
  • AdvertiseKC is a Directory of Local KC Businesses to be listed in and available to KC Locals.
  • AdvertiseKC is a Influencer on KC Social Media.
  • AdvertiseKC is an Ad distributor for Local KC Businesses.
  • AdvertiseKC is helps bring Local KC Businesses to the KC Locals.

AdvertiseKC has created over 20 large groups on Facebook. All of them are for KC locals to buy/Sell or just share information about the area. Businesses are always asking us to let them share ads in out groups so we put together this program to make that possible.

With the amount of groups we have available to businesses, we can provide a targeted audience of over 100k active users looking and interacting with our posts per day. Businesses want access to our communities and are willing pay AdvertiseKC for the opportunity to post ads freely in our Facebook Groups.

AdvertiseKC has added over 100k KC Locals to our KC Newsletter. We offer our KC Businesses press releases and sponsored placement in our newsletter. Businesses pay AdvertiseKC for the opportunity have their ads in our newsletters.

AdvertiseKC has thousands of KC Locals visiting our site every day and we feature Local KC businesses and Ads to everyone. Businesses pay AdvertiseKC for the opportunity have their ad's to be places and featured on our website.

This is where I show you how to sell this using our resources and tools.

Most programs out there will offer you something to sell and leave you stranded when it comes to helping you get that sale. We do not do that. We provide you with everything you will need to share ads in front of hundreds of thousands of people right here in KC.

We have created a huge community of KC Locals that you are going to have FULL ACCESS to. Somewhere around 30 Large Facebook Groups. We will invite you to each of our groups and grant your account access to be able to share ads without any restriction from angry admin.

You can share AdvertiseKC to our audience. We built this for you to use to find customers. You won't need to spend years building your own KC Groups to share ads in. We have done this for you.

Why is this better than sharing on random KC Groups?:

  • When you Post Ads in other peoples groups the admin can click reject. We won't reject yours. All of your ads will be auto approved.
  • When you post Ads in other peoples groups Facebook can throttle you making it hard. This won't happen when you are sharing ads into our groups.
  • When you post Ads in other peoples groups they wont respect you. When you share ads in our groups you have a badge on your name and people will know to trust your ads.

We provide this audience for you to use when you become an AdvertiseKC Partner.

This is where I show you how you access who would by AdvertiseKC services.

More than Half of the people that join our Facebook groups are selling things. A lot of them are Local KC businesses doing everything they can to share ads on Facebook. Since we do not allow anyone to post business ads in our groups without going through, you will be the person in the position to give that business our AdvertiseKC information. This happens all day every day. Businesses would rather pay to access all of our groups than waste their time posting and getting deleted.

We can not reach out to each and every business even if we had 100 employees. There are just too many of them. Businesses every day are turning to Facebook groups to promote their business. The list just keeps growing. Every time you check our Facebook groups for businesses needing AdvertiseKC you will find as many as you have time to reach out to.

What types of businesses are in the groups:

  • Local Restaurants
  • Local Shops
  • Local Event Promotors
  • Local Gov't Agencies
  • Local Real-estate Agents
  • Local Car Dealers
  • Local Plumbers
  • Local Local Local....

The people in the Facebook Groups are the people "who would even buy that".

This is where I show you how you would find the leads located in our Facebook Groups.

When a group member joins the group they are asked a few questions. You will have the access to receive this information which and decide if you want the lead or not. Making that choice should be pretty easy. Here's the questions.

  1. We ask for email address
  2. We ask if they are a business
  3. We ask if they are interested in earning money like you.

As you can see from those 3 questions that it wont be hard to decide who is a Business Lead or who is a Partner lead.

  • A business lead is any business or company that should be paying to post in the group. We charge everyone who is running a business to post and share in the groups.
  • A Partner is someone like you. A person that earns money from sharing AdvertiseKC on social media.

When a group member posts an ad, they are placed in a queue which you will have access to. You will be able to approve any that are allowed and you can reject any business ads that haven't paid. You will be able to contact the rejected group member with a message where you can include information about AdvertiseKC and get paid for everyone you refer. It's that easy.

Leads are all over the groups that we give you access to. There is no limit to how many you can contact and how often you can share AdvertiseKC links.

This is where I show you how you would target the leads located in our Facebook Groups.

We have 2 ways that we target leads in our Facebook Group Audience. Since we rely on only 2 target's it is easier to watch for the indicators.

  1. Businesses. They post their ads day and night in just about every type of group. In our groups we do not allow businesses to spam our members. We rely an a manual approval system for all posts so we can see who is a lead and who is just a regular joe. This really helps us target by providing a list each time we login. Facebook provides a list of all pending posts for us to approve or reject. This makes targeting leads easy.
  2. Partners. Partners are all over our groups as well. They are the people like you that aren't in there to sell anything but have a tie to the group somehow. Many of them will respond to the membership questions stating they want to earn money on Facebook. When a member joins and answers the questions, you will have access to those answers and will be able to reach out on Facebook or using the email address they provided us.

Those are your targets and we provide you with unrestricted access to an unlimited supply of leads.

This is where I show you how quickly this can be to make your first sale

If you had to start from scratch and create audiences to promote AdvertiseKC to it would take you a long time. Without an audience you find yourself sharing ads with your parents and a couple of cousins. We understand that completely which is why we spend so much time and money creating audiences that you can actually use to promote AdvertiseKC in front of.

We have spent thousands of hours on each group promoting it in other groups and to other people. We had to spend endless hours deleing spam and junk to keep the groups flowing smooth. We have to deal with hundreds of rowdy people that we had to reject due to them not being compatible with our communities. This is not an easy task to run a single large group but we built dozens of active groups and we will share them with you.

From join to earn is a very simple and fast process. Let me put the steps down so you can see the direction.

  1. Register as a Partner on
  2. Grab Special AdvertiseKC Link to Share
  3. Join Our Groups
  4. Share the AdvertiseKC Special Links In Our Groups
  5. Check Stats for Sales on
  6. Get Paid

The process takes 10 minutes. You can be posting links within 15 minutes and getting your first sale in less than an hour.

This is where I show you how quickly could get paid.

We have streamlined all the steps of the process for both Sponsors and Partners. Our goal is not just to be fast but to be live. We designed the purchase process to prevent any delays or confusion. We require very little information from Sponsors to make purchases. This means more sales and faster conversions.

We have no delays in our stats. What you see is live. We currently pay out weekly without any holds. Every Friday is Pay Day! We have never missed a payment and we have never had an issue. To keep costs down and the payout speed fast we ask that our partners receive payout when they reach $100.

We pay by PayPal, Facebook Pay, Cash App and more which means you get your money even faster.

You are probably already doing this and just don't know it.

  • Are you already moderating a group?
  • Are you already approving/rejecting posts?
  • Are you already kicking out spammers?
  • Are you already spending time in groups?
  • Are you already on Facebook?
  • Are you already ready to use Facebook to make money?

It's free and there really is nothing to lose. At the end of the day you will be that much better on Facebook and have a better understanding of how it all works together to keep the users of Facebook happy with Cool New Content and keeping Local KC Businesses in front of locals so they can see all the new things they have to offer.

Are you ready to Register to be a Parter?

We are ready for you. Registration only takes a minute. See ya inside!