How Can I Maximize Advertising and Gift Deductions?

Did you know that there are many tax deductions available that can help you save money? In this episode of the Small Business Tax Savings Podcast, Mike discusses maximizing advertising and gift deductions, which is part of a bigger series on business deductions and write-offs.

Mike talks about advertising expenses, these refer to costs associated with promoting a company or brand through media buys, social media, website creation, and influencer marketing, among others. The key is finding a business purpose for everyday spending to turn into pre-tax spending.

Mike explores the different ways to maximize tax deductions through charitable contributions, advertising expenses, and gift expenses. He delves into ways to categorize gifts as advertising expenses, such as placing logos on items or using them for training.

Tune in now and check out Mike’s guide for more in-depth information on maximizing deductions while growing your small business!

00:00 Maximizing Advertising And Gift Deductions For Small Business Owners
01:07 Planning Opportunities For Business Owners
12: 00 Turning Charitable Contributions Into Advertising Expenses
13:24 Closing Segment


Podcast Host: Mike Jesowshek, CPA – Founder and Host of Small Business Tax Savings Podcast
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