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What is HelpUSend? We’ll make this short and sweet.

WHAT: HelpUSend doesn’t stop at letting you send bulk email ads, we send them for you. We do 100% of the process. This is 100% hands free. We understand that you already have a fulltime job and do not need another one. Most of you reading this have never sent bulk email. This is why we created HelpUSend. To help get everyone of all computer skill levels and job titles into the bulk email game.

WHY: It takes a team and a lot of time to locate leads and convert them into subscribers. It can take years to collect enough subscribers to make it worth the $1000’s it costs to setup/license a bulk mail solution.

HOW: HelpUSend has a very large collection of active subscribers. Very targeted and active subscribers. We target the collection process of our subscribers from social media to insure they are engaged in the industry currently. We currently own hundreds of online communities on social media which gives us the ability to provide endless flows of leads from almost any industry. We don’t keep subscribers active if they aren’t actively engaging in our communities and with our newsletters.

WHEN: NOW! Sign Up and start Bulk Mail Advertising