GOAFEST 2017 | Outfox Media Group | Omg | The Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI)

It is the biggest advertising festival hosted by The Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI) in association with the Advertising Club for the best in advertising who deserve to be celebrated in style! A 3-day fiesta, Goafest.

What is GoaFest?
For every opinion in Indian advertising, there is an equal and opposite opinion.

“Is it good?”
“Is it really good?”
“You think that’s great?”
“I will never speak to you.”

In this curious ‘you-are-for-us-or-against-us’ scenario, Indian advertising had an epiphany. How about an awards show that’s not confined to one city, one discipline, one organization but one that truly celebrates the best of Indian advertising. And, Goafest was born!
Getting an ABBY is the highest honour for advertising folks in India. But, Goafest is not just an advertising awards show, but a genre-busting, clutter-breaking, schedule-bending, melanin-assaulting advertising festival.
Goafest grew bigger in these past 12 years. The knowledge sessions got longer, the speakers got more famous, and the sundowners got better.
At Goafest, we say that every experience is a learning opportunity. Every critical remark is free advice which serves as a building block that helps us in getting bigger and better every year!

Bringing to life the creative spirit of the festival, Living Foodz created an ‘interactive wall’ installation and a 360° photo-booth to enhance the experience of the attendees. Living Foodz created several unique touch-points for engagement and organized fun-filled activities at the pre-event area. The channel also designed high-impact branding through installations at the venue, interactive walkways and the CEO Lounge. The creative campaign designed by Scarecrow Communications featured quirky graphics with word-play around Living Foodz and the alphabets ‘L’ and ‘F’.

Living Foodz offered a premium culinary experience to the attendees through a specially curated menu at Goafest. The Post-Awards Gala Dinner was also presented by Living Foodz.

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