Gardner Farmers Market Gardner KS

Gardner Farmers Market – A Small-Town Success Story

There’s something special about the experience of visiting a Farmers Market. From the colorful displays of fresh produce to the friendly vendors eager to share their knowledge and passion, these events reflect the Best of America’s small-town values.

Located in Gardner, KS, The Gardner Farmers Market is a perfect example of that Best of America spirit. With over 20 vendors selling everything from fruits and vegetables to baked goods and handmade crafts, the market is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

But the Gardner Farmers Market has also become a shining example of the power of local advertising, with AdvertiseKC playing a significant role in their growth story.

In this 1000-word article, we’ll dive deep into the Gardner Farmers Market, their origin story, and the services provided by AdvertiseKC that helped make it a success.

The Beginning

Like all great stories, the Gardner Farmers Market’s started with a seed of an idea in the mind of its founder, Andrea. After her family relocated to the area, Andrea yearned for a place where she could connect with other like-minded people who shared her passion for gardening and all things handmade.

Despite having no experience in organizing such an event, she took the plunge and approached the city’s officials with her idea of a Farmers Market. Although her vision was initially met with skepticism, Andrea remained steadfast and was finally granted permission to start the Gardner Farmers Market.

The first year of the market’s existence was challenging. Although the enthusiasm was high and a few vendors showed up every week, attracting a consistent customer base was difficult. The lack of awareness in the community as a whole posed a massive challenge. This is when the services of AdvertiseKC came to the rescue of Gardner Farmers Market.

The Role of AdvertiseKC

AdvertiseKC is a full-service advertising and marketing agency based in Kansas City. The company offers a wide range of services that help businesses of all sizes achieve their goals.

For Andrea, the services that interested her the most were AdvertiseKC’s digital marketing solutions. The agency’s ability to help her create a robust online presence for the Gardner Farmers Market and use social media to reach potential customers played a critical role in the market’s success.

AdvertiseKC’s solution started with building a website for the Gardner Farmers Market, including all basic information such as the location of the market, hours of operation, and details on the vendors. An online store was created to sell the produce produced locally at the market to people who could not visit the market in person. Admin section of the website was carefully designed to give full control to the Market owners with options for creating, modifying, and deleting products as per their stocks.

AdvertiseKC also helped develop the social media strategy for the Gardner Farmers Market. The agency created eye-catching graphics and videos to promote the market, its vendors, and its events on Facebook and Instagram accounts created for the market. A regular content calendar was prepared to showcase the latest products sold at the market, promoting various vendors for showcasing their produce.

An effective email marketing campaign was launched, regularly connecting with subscribed customers of the market.

Pricing and Benefits

AdvertiseKC services come with a range of competitive pricing structure. The agency offers comprehensive solutions starting at $999 per month. For small businesses looking to create a strong online presence, AdvertiseKC seems to be a better option as their pricing is generally lower in comparison to their competitors while providing an equally comprehensive range of services – Website and eCommerce Development, SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Video Production, Email Marketing, and much more.

And for the Gardner Farmers Market, the benefits of AdvertiseKC’s services speak for themselves. By helping to raise the market’s profile online and reaching a far more significant number of people in the community and beyond, Andrea was able to develop a successful and sustainable model for the Gardner Farmers Market

Success Story and Future Roadmap

Thanks to the early vision of Andrea and the marketing support provided by AdvertiseKC, the Gardner Farmers Market is an unqualified success. Even during these unprecedented times, when supporting local businesses has become more essential than ever before, the market has remained robust and welcoming to all visitors.

Future plans for the Gardner Farmers Market include building an online presence beyond its current social media and a website to sell some of the famous products produced locally in Gardner to a wider audience, thereby actively increasing the sales and interaction. They’re planning on doing events and programs to give back to the community and setting up specialized sections to complement their already existing offerings that would directly benefit the community.


Q: What is the Address for Gardner Farmers Market?
A: 535 W. Main Street, Gardner, KS 66030

Q: What are the Contact details for Gardner Farmers Market?
A: The Gardner Farmers Market can be reached out through their official website gardnerfarmersmarkethome.com or by calling their contact number (913) 856-4567.

Q: What are the Social Media links for Gardner Farmers Market?
A: Find them on Facebook @gardnerfarmersmarket and Instagram @gardnerfarmersmarket.

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