First Hand Tampogo Review And Best Online Marketing Techniques

First Hand Tampogo Review And Best Online Marketing Techniques

Clear and Straight Forward Tampogo Review

After working with the Tampogo site we sat down to write this Tampogo Review. This is primarily an online affiliate marketing program set up by founder and CEO Chuck Stebbins along with a few partners. One can sign up and find products that include almost anything under the sun. The portal is registered by the name of Tampogo LLC, however, the registered address nor could the portals ownership be ascertained. While the portal offers individuals an unbelievable opportunity to market affiliate products for commissions a lot is left to be desired.

The very first thing that comes to mind when discussing Tampogo is the renowned and largest affiliate marketing company called Amway. The management of Tampogos is trying to copy the business model of Amway and were doing a fairly good job until their online portal developed some glitches. Anyone above the legal age of 18 years can sign up for a free account and market anything that fits the terms and conditions of the site.

Affiliate marketers registered with the site can promote the products to earn commissions from their own sales as well as recruit affiliates under them as well. These commissions are 12% of all sales and run 8 levels deep. In order to be eligible to earn commissions from affiliate sales an affiliate must make at least one purchase in a calendar month.

One cannot describe the product line of the portal as strong in any sense. These are every day use items and range from wall decorations, window coverings to cosmetics and food supplements. The sales pitch of the products lack the ability to develop interest in the visitor and are in need of some drastic changes.

There is a lot left to be desired from the shopping cart. At first we thought that there was something wrong with our internet connection or our systems then our fears were confirmed when we tried out the site from other locations. The pages were slow to load and the shopping cart timed out frequently. Not a good thing when someone is using a credit card to make a payment.

The business model of Tampogo is pretty good. However, the site management should try to attain better search engine rankings. There should be greater transparency when it comes to giving out contact information and addresses. One would wonder why any business management would want to hide this information. There is no address on the site itself and the Whois information is also hidden. It might be good at times to hide Whois information but for a site that is selling something some contact information should be available.

In order to successfully market online one should be well versed with the various techniques such as Paid campaigns, email marketing, article marketing and back-linking. The best way to set out in an online marketing career is to set up a site and market ones affiliate products from that site itself. All promotional activity for the site will help the site and not some other site. This way the page rankings will constantly improve and the products can be changed anytime while the rankings remain the same.

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