Fireside Chat with Joe Marchese, President, Advertising Revenue, Fox Networks Group

For four years -as President of Advanced Advertising and now President, Advertising Revenue at Fox Networks Group – Joe Marchese has been driving a transformation vision that is relevant not only to Fox but to the wider TV industry. In this on-stage interview he will explain the concept of ‘TV as a platform’, where networks/broadcasters compete with the reach of Google and Facebook using a TV-wide ‘sell’ that avoids inter-broadcaster competition based on proprietary data siloes that limit scale and make planning, buying and reporting harder.

Joe will discuss the purpose of OpenAP, the linear TV audience-based buying initiative founded by Fox, Turner and Viacom (and now including NBCUniversal and Univision) that helps TV to act more like a platform. He will provide some detail on how OpenAP improves life for media buyers with its commonly agreed audience segment definitions and cross-broadcaster inventory planning. We will explore how the ‘platform’ collaboration works.

We also want to know how the TV industry can expand its role for marketers, moving beyond brand building to help with lower-funnel functions like activation. Joe will discuss new sales opportunities as the TV industry makes better use of advertiser, viewing and other data to define and find audiences and then attribute business outcomes to TV exposure.

He will give his views on how Fox Networks Group must compete for viewers in an increasingly fragmented media universe where born-digital rivals are increasing their content budgets, and where there are some relatively low-cost, compelling advertiser-free options for consumers. How is Fox going to keep delivering – and proving – advertising impacts at huge scale for agencies and clients in this climate?

Joe Marchese, President, Advertising Revenue, Fox Networks Group

Originally captured at Future TV Advertising Forum London 2018

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