Farmville on Facebook - The Secrets to Beating Out All Your Friends!

Farmville on Facebook – The Secrets to Beating Out All Your Friends!

One game has taken the world by storm, Farmville on Facebook is becoming so popular that if you are using Facebook you definitely have several friends playing it. With over 60 million active players everyone is trying to play Farmville on Facebook in the most time efficient way possible, to grow their farm and build something uniquely there’s to impress their friends and family. Read on to find out all the tips, secrets and strategies to creating the farm of your dreams.

How Do I Excel in Farmville on Facebook?

The art of mastering Farmville on Facebook is a fine balancing act of time management, if you are able to plant the appropriate crop so that you will be able to harvest it the next time you log on you will be maximizing your farm’s capabilities. You will always have 2 goals in mind when tying to master Farmville, obtaining coins to plant crops and buy misc items whilst at the same time gaining experience to increase the number of things you can do with your farm.

Finding Friends for Farmville on Facebook

Gaining more friends in Farmville can really increase the amount of coins and experience you earn in Facebook exponentially. The benefit from gaining friends for Farmville purposes is so great that many small communities have popped up where players add ‘strangers’ to their Facebook solely for increasing the number of neighbors they have in Farmville. If you are serious about earning as much experience and coins as possible in Farmville you may want to consider joining such communities to maximize your daily bonuses.

Choosing the Right Crop to Plant

Depending on your level you will always have to make a hard decision on choosing which crop to plant. Whether to plant something which can be harvested in 2 hours which will most likely net you the most experience and coins in the early levels, or whether to plant something longer so you can use your time to do other things. Many players often miscalculate the correct amount of experience and coins which can be gained from planting different crops. Do not forget that every time you plough your farm you gain 1 exp and pay 15 coins per square. This means that crops that have faster harvesting times can give you the same amount of experience but perhaps less coins than other crops.

Don’t Give Up! It’s Worth It!

Many players grow tired of Farmville on Facebook after a week or two, but eventually come back because they can’t resist the urge to play. It’s fine to take a break every so often, but if you know you are going to take one, why not plant something that has a very long harvesting time? Logging on every 4 days to harvest and plough whilst checking out your friends farms and the mailbox everyday takes very little time and will keep your farm sustainable and growing until you have more free time. Just remember to take it easy, and play in the most smart and efficient way possible. There are many ways to do this such as by taking some time to analyze the mathematics involved and making a good and detailed prediction of what your future schedule will be like. If you are unsure how to do this, continue reading for the best strategies you can find on Farmville on Facebook.

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