Fairway Farmers Market Fairway KS

Fairway Farmers Market is one of the most successful markets in the area, located in the beautiful city of Fairway, Kansas. This market has been running for a while now and has become a household name in Kansas City. The market prides itself on providing fresh and locally sourced produce, which is enjoyed by all its customers. The journey of this market has been an interesting one, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of AdvertiseKC.

From humble beginnings in 1981, Fairway Farmers Market began as a small operation with five vendors. Today, over 80 vendors gather every summer and fall from May to October, providing high-quality products and a variety of locally grown and produced foods. The market is located in the parking lot of a local church in the heart of the city, accessible to all customers who stop by for a visit.

But what made the difference between Fairway Farmers Market and other small markets that start and fail within a few weeks or months? What’s the secret behind their success? The answer lies in their marketing strategy: AdvertiseKC. The Farmers’ Market partnered with AdvertiseKC in 2016 with specific goals in mind.

AdvertiseKC has been instrumental in the success of the market. This agency provided a full range of services to help the Fairway Farmers Market achieve its goals of reaching new customers and retaining existing ones. These services include social media management, email marketing, search engine optimization, website design and maintenance, and print advertising.

The decision to work with AdvertiseKC came after the market’s board of directors recognized that attracting new customers was essential to the market’s long-term viability. At that time, the market’s outreach was limited to handing out flyers and the local newspaper classified section. This strategy was insufficient to attract the scale of new customers they desired, though.

That’s when AdvertiseKC came in, helping to profoundly transform the market. AdvertiseKC provided a cost-effective and multifaceted approach to marketing. Digital advertising was one of the most powerful weapons in their marketing arsenal. AdvertiseKC experts were able to use different digital channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Google AdWords to reach a wider audience.

AdvertiseKC was also attentive to the website’s design, ensuring that it was functional, informative, and up-to-date to deliver a cohesive impression to visitors. The website was optimized for search engines, curated regularly with information relevant to farmers’ markets, and constantly updated with the vendor list and product offerings. The result? A website that served as a gateway to the market, an integral part of the marketing strategy.

As part of the extensive marketing campaign is the need for visual aids. AdvertiseKC was responsible for brand design, stickers, and other promotional materials that carried the Farmers’ Market logo, thereby increasing brand awareness.

Finally, as customer interaction is essential for good business, AdvertiseKC provided an email marketing campaign that allowed the market to communicate regularly with customers. The Farm To Table newsletter detailing the fresh produce available at the market was sent out weekly, ensuring that customers were well-informed about the products and offerings.

All these services were carried out by AdvertiseKC at an affordable price compared to most of its competitors. Unlike other companies, AdvertiseKC adopts a strategy focused on delivering results, and this intense focus on results has been integral to the success of Fairway Farmers Market.

With AdvertiseKC services in their pockets, the Fairway Farmers Market enjoyed a steady increase in customers and sales. The market has become the go-to spot on Saturdays and is a well-established business within the Kansas City community.


Q: What is the Address of Fairway Farmers Market Fairway KS?
A: The address of Fairway Farmers Market is 3000 Shawnee Mission Pkwy, Fairway, KS 66205.

Q: How can customers contact Fairway Farmers Market Fairway KS?
A: The phone number to contact Fairway Farmers Market is (913) 262-2076. Customers can also send an email to or reach out via their social media handles.

Q: Can vendors still register for Fairway Farmers Market Fairway, KS?
A: Yes, vendors can register for Fairway Farmers Market annually from January to mid-March. Interested vendors should visit the Farmers Market’s official website and apply online.

Q: What makes Fairway Farmers Market stand out?
A: Fairway Farmers Market is unique because it provides customers with the freshest, locally sourced produce while encouraging a sense of community pride around the market. Their partnership with AdvertiseKC has helped the market reach even more people.

In conclusion, Fairway Farmers Market has come a long way since its small beginnings in 1981, from five vendors to over 80 weekly vendors. The market owes a great deal of its success to its partnership with AdvertiseKC, which provided a top-notch advertising strategy that targeted new customers, improving brand awareness, and ultimately increasing sales. AdvertiseKC is indeed an excellent marketing agency that delivers results at an affordable price. Customers interested in enjoying fresh local produce should make it a date to visit Fairway Farmers Market every summer and fall.

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