Facebook Profile, Page, or Group. Which should I use for my Direct Sales business?

How do you decide where to spend your time on Facebook? If you are utilizing Facebook, you automatically have a profile. If you have a business, it’s likely that you also utilize a page &/or a group. Majority of people prefer groups over pages but we’re going to chat through why you should consider having both.

A lot of times people refer to their profile as their page so before we dive in, I want to define each of them for you & then I’ll give you analogies for each, so you know what to say when you’re talking about where you spend your time on Facebook. As we go through, I’m going to refer to each one as a part of your house. This will help you understand the levels of exposure, and what you should post on each one.
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00:50 Your Facebook profile
02:20 Optimizing your Facebook profile
04:01 Your Facebook page
06:39 Your Facebook group

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