Facebook Groups to PROMOTE Youtube channel : DON’T DO IT EVEN IF FREE

Using Facebook Groups to promote your YouTube Channel for free is a good way to gain exposure, specifically, using Facebook groups for YouTube promotion.

It is free, you have access to over 2 billion users, so naturally, you would think that will grow your YouTube channel. Using Facebook groups to share your YouTube video is simple, it is straightforward and hassle free.

Everyone knows how to use Facebook Groups to grow a YouTube channel, you join a few groups, you start sharing and promoting every video launch and you get views from the members.

It may sound like a good idea, if every Facebook Group member watches your video and subscribes to you, you’ll be getting tons of subscribers and views for your YouTube Channel! That sounds like a fantastic way to grow your YouTube channel fast!

Or at least that’s what you think..

I’ve tried several Facebook Groups, promoting my videos and none of them worked. All I see are Facebook Group members actively promoting their own YouTube channel and sharing their videos. So if everyone is just sharing and promoting their own, who is watching the videos then?



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00:00 YouTube Ads to Grow YouTube Channel
01:55 Facebook Group members have their own agenda
02:55 Members has the wrong mindset about subscribing
03:48 Do they really care about your YouTube Channel?
04:39 Absolutely demoralizing
06:08 In the end, it really is about them and them only
07:13 Facebook is a social media platform, don’t forget that
08:43 Should you join Facebook Groups to promote your YouTube Channel?

Disclosure: Some links are affiliate links to products. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links.

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