Facebook Groups For Marketers: How To Use Facebook Groups To Generate Traffic, Leads & Results

Facebook groups are one of the biggest (yet underrated) marketing opportunities for marketers and brands. Facebook Groups give you a chance to connect with people on a personal level and reach a group of people who have clearly demonstrated an interest in a topic without the nonsense that comes with posting on a page and only reaching a fraction of your fans.

In this video, I’m going to talk about some of the things marketers need to know before using Facebook groups and how these groups can be beneficial.

0:00 How to leverage Facebook Groups
0:56 Post from your personal FB account
2:22 Add value to the community
3:38 Types of content to share in FB Groups
3:56 The Sherlock Homeboy method
5:33 The importance of consistency

I’ll talk about the types of content you should share in these groups and a technique that I’ve used to drive great results from Facebook groups on a wide range of different subjects.

I share FIVE key insights that marketers should keep in mind:

1) Can you post in a Facebook group as a page?
2) What type of content should you share in a group?
3) How can you get a lot of engagement on your posts?
4) How often should you post in a Facebook group?

And much more…

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