Facebook Groups for Business 👉 (27 Hacks and Tips)

So you finally started to focus on Facebook Groups for your business. Great! In this video, I’m going to share 27 different tips and hacks so that you can master Facebook marketing within your groups.

We’ll cover three specific areas:

1. Growing your group (0:48)
2. Increasing engagement within your community (3:09)
3. How to use your Facebook group as a tool within your business (11:49)

You’ll learn things such as how to get people to automatically join your group, how to utilize your group to build your email list, and even how to get the members of your group to tell you exactly what they’d want to pay for.

I’ve personally built several Groups on Facebook, and they’re an extremely powerful asset that you can have within your overall business. More than business and money, however, it’s a great way to really connect with your target audience and true fans, and a platform to test new ideas, pre-sell your upcoming products, and survey your target market so that you can remove the guesswork when it comes to what actions you need to take next.

Items and Resources Mentioned in this Video:

👉 The Smart Passive Income Community: http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/community

👉 Will It Fly: http://www.willitflybook.com

👉 My email marketing tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csnQ9uBUVug

👉 MeetEdgar: http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/meetedgar (note: this is an affiliate link and I do get a commission if you choose to go through this link)

And here’s a breakdown of where all of the specific tips are located within the video for your convenience:

Growing your group:

1. Make joining a part of a step-by-step process (0:51)
2. Put a call to action to join in your email signature (1:23)
3. Create a handy short link for your facebook group (1:44)
4. Mention that short link organically in your content (2:05)
5. Link multiple Facebook groups together (2:23)
6. Feature community members outside of the group (2:51)

Increasing engagement within your community:

7. Thank your most engaged community members (3:12)
8. Promote people to admin or moderator (3:32)
9. Publish behind the scenes content (4:09)
10. Propose a choice for your members to select (5:01)
11. Share an actionable, quick win (5:36)
12. Run a poll (6:02)
13. Start a debate (6:36)
14. Quiz your group members (7:05)
15. Go live on video (7:36)
16. Control spam with strategic posts (8:41)
17. Automate (9:51)
18. Show your members how to manage notifications (10:26)
19. Always be this (11:12)

How to use your Facebook group as a tool within your business:

20. Group insights (11:51)
21. Create a (more targeted) poll (12:35)
22. Crowdsourcing within your group (13:27)
23. Create events for upcoming launches (13:44)
24. Ask for volunteers (14:21)
25. Validate upcoming business ideas (14:50)
26. Build your email list from your group (16:03)
27. Setup onboarding questions for new members (16:52)

And lastly, be sure to answer in the comment section below: what are you struggling with right now? I’d love to help

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