Facebook Groups Alternative – Skool by Sam Ovens

Facebook Groups Alternative: Skool by Same Ovens

There is finally a simple Facebook Groups Alternative.

How To Build a Thriving Community
WithOUT Facebook Groups

My goal is to show you that there is simple a Facebook Group Alternative…

It is already being used by select Course Creators, Masterminds and anyone else who hosts and understands the value of a Community Online…

If You Stay Until The End, I’ll show you how you can get started TODAY for FREE!

What Makes This Different?

There are other Facebook Group Alternatives options out there but they all have 3 main flaws:
1) They’re too overwhelming
2) they lack community features
3) they are NOT mobile friendly

I Discovered This The HARD Way…
(You Get To Cheat And Get The Easy Way…)

The Hard Way…
Growing a Facebook Page…
Growing a Facebook Group
Trying to keep people engaged
Praying Zuck’s next update won’t further decrease your post reach
Wasting $$$ on overwhelming programs instead of something streamlined

Limited Reach = Lower Engagement

Lower Engagement = people leave the Community

Want The Easy Way That Saves Time and Increases Engagement?

In The Past 2 Months I’ve watched a community thrive
(And I didn’t need to post daily nor reply to every comment)
[This is https://www.FunnelMastermind.ca/Doug ]

Disclaimer: You will still need to have a reason why people are forming a community. Their interest and your offer(s) to them will be the foundation, this is a simple tool that could take your community to the next level.

The 3 Secrets…
Secret #1 – The best way to beat inflation is through community
Secret #2 – You don’t need to be online every hour to build your community
Secret #3 – You can get paid while your community builds itself

Secret #1 – The best way to beat inflation is through Community…

Every social media platform starts out with posts reaching most of the audience. As the platform ages, it becomes a pay to play environment. Maybe I’m aging myself but you used to get a much better ROI with Facebook Ads 10+ years ago.

If you can control the reach to your Community,
the value of your Community increases more than the rate of inflation decreases the value of money.

Secret #2 – You don’t need to be online every hour to build your community…

I’ve been fortunate to be a part of a Mastermind where the Founder has only allocated 1 hour of his time per month – yet the Community continues to build itself!

Secret #3 – You can get paid while your Community builds itself…

Most people think that they need to be present every day.
If you structure your Community properly with Gamification, the members will continue to stay involved day after day as they try to earn more points and rewards.

What if you could have your own thriving Community?
No more Zuck controlling it either as you discover the Facebook Groups Alternative: Skool

Let me ask you a question

What would it be worth to you if you could have a thriving Community without spending hundreds per month on software or spending hours posting every day?

What would it be worth if you could offer your Community the following?

1 Place for your Content.
1 Login to see Courses, Events & More.
1 Search to Find Answers in the Community.

A new community that you control – instead being a slave to Zuckerberg.
Your content hosted somewhere without distractions and competing advertisers.

Courses in the same place as your Community.
Progress tracking encourages course completion.

No more time zone confusion.
Members see Events in the local time zone.

Your Community will be incentivized by earning points to unlock levels and rewards.
This feature is addictive as everybody competes for a higher score!


Chats & Notifications



What You’re Gonna Get
Community, Classroom & Calendar ($2,376/Year Value)
Gamification to Build Community ($1,188/Year Value)
Email Broadcasts & Chats ($2,388/Year Value)
Metrics ($1,188/Year Value)
Total Value: $7,140

Now this won’t cost you $7,140…
But what if it did?
$7,140 per year is $19.56 per day.
Could you see yourself making an extra $20 per day with full control and access to your own Thriving Community? You need this Facebook Groups Alternative called Skool by Sam Ovens

If All This Did Was Save You From Using 1 or 2 Other Paid Tools – Would It Be Worth it…?

If All This Did Was Make You 1 Extra Sale Per Month – Would It Be Worth It?

If All This Did Was Increase Your Community Engagement & Longevity – Would It Be Worth It?

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This Facebook Groups Alternative named Skool bundles a variety of programs together and should help you make more money through a thriving community.

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