Facebook Group Monetization Methods & Requirements

There’s multiple ways to monetize your Facebook group. One of the most common methods to make money in your Facebook group is to do a subscription-based group. This is where people pay a small fee to join your group and it’s almost like a VIP membership into your Facebook group. This can be a bit complicated when trying to manage all the memberships, but the money that your going to make adds up really fast month over month. 

Another method to monetizing your Facebook group is to do affiliate sales. This is where you join an affiliate network and create custom links for the members to click on. When a member clicks through the link and purchases the item, you receive a percentage or small payout for that. Each individual affiliate program has different payouts and percentages , so you’re gonna have to find the right one for your viewers.

Another method to making money in your Facebook group is to sell a course to your members. Maybe your members are interested in some thing you have to offer or cheat them. You can create a custom digital download that they can buy and you profit from. This is extremely popular in the digital marketing space Because information is at high value.

Facebook it’s self does not pay out or monetize by advertising. They have come out and said that’s a possibility for the future but right now Facebook groups do not allow paid ads to pay the admin’s. This is a bit unfortunate, because a lot of administrators for Facebook groups are looking for ways to make money. 

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