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There are over 10 million fb groups…
There are 400 MILLION people active in FB groups everyday…
Mark’s focus?
Shifting towards meaningful communities! Fb is about connection, and relationships
and GROUPS are the best place to do this.

How to use Group to grow your biz?
1 – Contributor
– Find 2-5 ACTIVE groups related to spcific niche you can CONTRIBUTE in!
– 2 posts per week
– 3X10 rule – 3 days per week, spend 10-min interacting
2 – Creator
– create your own group (if you need help with this, consider jumping into our
Virtual Impact Academy – http://www.CoachFryer.com/via)
– YOU are the resource, impacter! Great brand/name builder!
– Provide generic value, gently mention products 2-4 times per month!
– Building community of TARGETED buyers

Coach Fryer gives personal branding examples and personal branding tips so you can grow your personal business. Building a personal brand is the way to grow your network marketing business and close more sales. Network marketing pro-Brian Fryer has the tips to build a successful business.

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