Facebook and Procrastination: Your Friend or Enemy?

Facebook and Procrastination: Your Friend or Enemy?

One of the most common things that almost all of us do is to have our accounts in any of the social networking websites that we know. Surely, it is an enjoyable thing, as we get to know other people and in a way, we also share our lives to others. There are different social networking websites that are available on the web and each of them has their own features. Thus, we may have an account in our chosen social networking website because of its ability to satisfy our needs in meeting other people.

There are also a lot of benefits in having an account and using a particular social networking website. Some of its benefits include meeting other people to the point that you may have your online job because of a particular social networking website. But if there is an advantage in having your account and using a particular social networking website, it has also its disadvantages and one of them is procrastination.

You should know a lot or even just a little about procrastination, especially if you have your account in Facebook or in any other social networking websites. Who might say you are doing a lot of procrastination, especially in your work and you do not even know that you are already committing the sin. Generally, procrastinating is bad particularly if you have your work to do. But for someone like you who have your account in Facebook, procrastinating may be an excusable thing and that should not always be the thing.

Procrastinating is the act of doing things that most of the time is irrelevant to your work. And admit it; you have the tendency to do a lot of procrastination if you have your account in Facebook. This happens when you rather logged in to your Facebook account and see what is on there than just finish the task that you have.

Yes, procrastination with your Facebook account can bring you certain benefits. This is true if you are much pressured in your work or if you are stressed out. Thus, your being on Facebook and doing your things on the said social networking website can be a good stress-reliever, but your performance at your work is always affected by procrastination. Worst, you might be fired out from your job because of your procrastination on your Facebook account.

There are a lot of things by which you can avoid procrastination with the social networking website Facebook particularly in your job. All it takes is for you to do some mental conditioning. You can do this by just thinking that your job is far more important than your being in Facebook and mingling with your friends on the said social networking website.

A lot of managers out there consider being on the Facebook of their employees as a kind of counter productivity. But there are a lot of things that they should do in order for their people not to commit procrastination, especially on Facebook. Among those things is for companies to offer incentives to anyone who can do more in their jobs.

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