Facebook Advantages and Disadvantages

Facebook Advantages and Disadvantages

When MySpace arrived on the Internet’s doorstep millions were excited to have a place where they could share and network with their friends. Facebook arrived on the scene and slowly began to steal market share from MySpace. Today the MySpace market is decreasing and Facebook is making new highs in traffic and user count.

Yet there are some people who wonder if the time spent on Facebook is worthwhile, its Advantages and Disadvantages have many thinking. As with every system there are the positives and the negatives, if you are going to evaluate the Facebook Advantages and Disadvantages lets take a look at some facts:


  • Facebook is becoming a place for long distance relationships with many people you will never meet, this takes some of the intimacy away from relationships
  • Facebook addiction is becoming something that is a real problem; if you have any life at all you have other things to do besides sit on Facebook all day.
  • Because of open and public nature of Facebook there is the possibility for being stalked online or offline, this can be highly aggravating!
  • Terrible for worker productivity. If you are self employed Facebook can consume much of your time if you are not careful. If you run a business your employees may waste valuable and expensive time using Facebook.
  • Let’s talk about these people on Facebook who are labeled “friends”…are they really?


· Facebook makes it easy to find and join groups with similar interest and dislikes

· It is easier to find old friends or new friends as almost everyone is on Facebook.

· Facebook makes it easy to approach and meet new people

· Facebook can be used to meet business contacts and for networking purposes

With this information you can make your own personal decision on Facebook Advantages and Disadvantages. If you can avoid the negative aspects and build on the positives then Facebook will be a constructive social networking site in your life.

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