Facebook Ads Strategies that Work with Daria Kotenko

When it comes to Facebook ads, I feel like it’s the Wild Wild West. I get super confused by how to strategize with them! It almost feels like trying to win a game at the casino; it feels like the house always wins or that you’re trying to somehow fight this uphill battle. This is why I’ve brought Daria Kotenko on.

Daria is a Facebook and Instagram Ads Strategist and the founder of Yellow Iris Marketing. She is on a mission to help business owners amplify their magic and scale their businesses with the power of Facebook and Instagram Ads.

I’m asking a ton of questions of Daria out of genuine curiosity, because Facebook ads feel super confusing to me! We’re talking about boosting posts, simple Facebook ads strategies you can implement today, and common mistakes people make. I got the chance to better understand Facebook ads for myself and for my clients through this conversation and I’m sure you will too!

What you’ll hear in this episode:
[6:00] What’s the deal with boosting posts? The many reasons you should resist the temptation to boost a post
[9:50] Who ads can be good for. The importance of knowing you can sell and your messaging
[14:30] Factors of an ad that sells, how to put your message in front of your ideal client
[17:00] Is it possible to invest a small amount in ads to test them or do you have to invest more to get a better idea?
[20:45] High ticket vs. low ticket advertising. Which can bring greater ROI?
[24:00] Creative low cost Facebook ad ideas
[26:35] Metric analysis and how to know if it’s working
[29:45] When to call it quits, how much flexibility is there?
[33:00] What you should (and should not) expect from an ads strategist
[38:30] The top ads mistakes and top successes

Find Daria on IG @adsbydaria
Find more information on her website: https://yellowirismarketing.com/

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