Extract Phone Numbers From Facebook Groups | How To Get Phone Numbers & Emails of FB Group Members

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Having phone numbers of a certain facebook group’s members can prove to be crucial to growth of your business. As, once you do marketing of your product or services on these people’s numbers, you know who you are interacting with. But extracting phone numbers from facebook is not an easy meal. You must have facebook acounts verified with an email, a fast internet connection and sometimes, even vpn or proxy.
Also, this software can give upto 30 to 40% of accurate data as these days, most of the users have set privacy or have locked their profiles. So in such cases, inaccurate data might be extracted. Also, data may be repeated over and over again if your internet connection is not stable enough to let the software work smoothly.
Facebook data extraction or extracting phone numbers and emails from facebook group must not be misused.
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