EP106 Selling Play with Playful Marketing with Viv Conway

After four people told me about the billboards that Viv Conway’s business Girls Get Off use to market their business, I knew I had to have her on the podcast. 

Girls Get Off is a beautifully branded and designed female focused sex toy brand, designed to provide a range of toys that are more appealing to the female gaze, than to a mans.

It can be tricky to use social media to market a sex toy company. Advertising on Facebook and Google is not permitted, and saying the wrong thing in a post can get your profile zapped in a moment. 

Finding new ways to get the message out there, for Girls Get Off has included humour, and the occasional parade of women wearing Vulva costumes in the streets of NZ and (hopefully soon ) Australia. 

However the biggest part of the Girls Get Off success has been in building an engaged community that both share with each other, and also reshare the content created with others, making it a highly engaged and growing online community. 

Viv is a talented marketer, who’s having fun selling… fun! 

Plus I think I’ve never laughed so much in a podcast before – this is a great listen (but do check for young ears before you play out loud)

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