Direct Response Facebook Groups with Rock Your Tribe founder, Rachael Spiewak

Facebook Groups can be one of the best ways to promote yourself, figure out what your clients want, and make it rain on your bank account. But most people don’t understand the right way to build a Facebook Group that makes money.

And most Facebook Group “gurus” teach you backwards advice that kills your community instead of growing it.

But not Rachael Spiewak — the founder of the Rock Your Tribe community.

In this episode, she gives you a masterclass in using the principles of direct response to grow an engaged, loyal, and profitable community on Facebook.

Show highlights include:

How to use your personality to separate your community from the sea of 10 million Facebook Groups (even if you’re not comfortable in your own skin) (2:46) Why investing in yourself when you don’t have the money for it skyrockets your return-on-investment (7:29) How buying an Orange Theory gym membership supercharges your business growth (10:45) The “Yes Ladder” advice from other Facebook Group gurus that can ruin your group overnight (14:21) Why growing your Facebook Group as slow as molasses makes it 10 times more profitable than getting thousands of members overnight (15:27) The “Laying Breadcrumbs Method” for building an impactful Facebook Group (without begging everyone you know to join) (16:43) The dirt-simple “AMA Engagement Bomb Post” that instantly creates a loyal and rabidly engaged community (17:13) Why treating your Facebook Group like a classroom makes it die quicker than it took to create it (23:23) If you found a golden nugget of wisdom in this episode, share it on social media with the hashtag #ResultsLeaderFM to help spread the word.

If you’d like to join Rachael’s highly engaged Facebook Group, you can join it here: Or if you’d like extra help on building an engaged and profitable Facebook Group, check out her website at or find her on LinkedIn here:

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