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The digital age continues to disrupt every aspect of the business. Simplilearn Digital Transformation Academy will help you identify key opportunities and skills deficits. Featuring core digital disciplines such as cloud computing and digital marketing, our broader curriculum allows each of your departments to upskill and overcome competency gaps, aligning your digital strategy to your enhanced capabilities. Master the 3 Key Elements of Digital Transformation. Digital transformation isn’t just about technology. It’s also about aligning your teams and processes to foster innovation. Simplilearn’s Digital Transformation Academy makes it easy to educate and coordinate all organizational levels.

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About Simplilearn Post Graduate Program in Digital Transformation:
Master the most comprehensive framework for a successful business transformation and gain powerful digital leadership skills with the Post Graduate Program in Digital Transformation in collaboration with Purdue University. This Post Graduate Program in Digital Transformation will focus on the critical aspects of building a digital-ready business. You’ll learn everything from understanding and leveraging the drivers of transformation to build a digital business strategy, to lead organizations, and help them navigate through the digital disruption.

Key Features:
✅ Post Graduate Program Certification and Alumni Membership from Purdue University
✅ Masterclasses by top faculty from Purdue University, and senior consultants from KPMG in India
✅ Real-world capstone projects and mentoring by experts from KPMG in India
✅ 8X higher live interaction with 100+ hours of live online classes by industry experts
✅ Interactive peer learning via Harvard Business Publishing case studies and real-life group projects
✅ Enrollment in Simplilearn’s JobAssist
✅ Get noticed by the top hiring companies

Skills Covered:
✅ Digital Disruption
✅ Digital Strategy
✅ Digital Business Model.
✅ Agile Business Transformation
✅ Design Thinking
✅ People Leadership
✅ Digital Marketing
✅ Artificial Intelligence

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