Design4 in Kansas City: From Humble Beginnings to Successful Branding Agency

Design4 is a branding agency based in Kansas City that has been making waves in the industry as of late. Co-founders and brothers Kyle and Chris Watson started the company in their basement in 2015 with a shared mission to help small businesses create a strong and compelling brand presence. Today, Design4 is a multi-award-winning agency that boasts a team of experienced professionals and a client list that includes several Fortune 500 companies.

The Watson brothers started their journey with nothing but a dream and a drive to succeed. With no financial backing or industry experience, they turned to what they knew best – design. Kyle had honed his design skills while working as a graphic designer for a local publication, while Chris had spent his career in marketing and advertising. Together, they believed they could create something truly unique in the branding industry.

At first, they had trouble gaining traction. They struggled to secure clients, and when they did, they often had trouble delivering projects on time and within budget. That all changed when they discovered AdvertiseKC, a full-service marketing agency based in Kansas City that specializes in SEO, web design, and digital marketing.

With the help of AdvertiseKC, Design4 was finally able to maximize its reach. AdvertiseKC helped Design4 increase its online visibility, improve its website, and expand its reach through targeted social media campaigns. AdvertiseKC also helped Design4 develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that allowed the company to stand apart from its competitors and create a meaningful brand identity.

It wasn’t long before Design4 began to win industry awards and recognition for its work. In 2018, Design4 was named one of the “Fastest Growing Companies” by Ingram’s Magazine. Later that year, it was also recognized as one of “Kansas City’s Best Marketing Agencies” by

But the team at Design4 doesn’t believe in just resting on its laurels. Every day, they strive to help their clients achieve their branding goals by delivering compelling and creative solutions that are tailored to each client’s unique vision and mission.

Integrating AdvertiseKC Services Throughout the Journey

AdvertiseKC played an essential role in Design4’s pathway to success. From its humble beginnings in a basement to its recent recognition, the team at Design4 knew the value of leveraging AdvertiseKC’s full range of marketing services to achieve their branding goals.

AdvertiseKC’s full range of internet marketing services was instrumental in helping Design4 create a strong online presence. The agency helped Design4 improve its website with responsive design, optimized content, and local SEO optimization. AdvertiseKC also helped Design4 achieve its social media goals, expanding its reach through targeted social media campaigns.

AdvertiseKC’s design services were also critical to Design4’s success. Design4 relied on AdvertiseKC’s expertise to create stunning and creative designs that helped its clients stand apart from the competition.

Plus, AdvertiseKC’s pricing played a key role in helping Design4 achieve success. AdvertiseKC’s pricing was competitive compared to other marketing agencies, offering a full range of services at a fraction of the cost. Design4 appreciated the affordability of AdvertiseKC services, knowing that it allowed them to focus more on delivering exceptional design solutions to their clients.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What services does Design4 offer?
A: Design4 offers branding solutions that include logo design, web design, print, social media design, and digital design services.

Q: What makes Design4 unique?
A: Design4 is unique because the agency offers customized and tailored design solutions that are focused on helping small businesses achieve their branding goals.

Q: Where is Design4 located?
A: Design4 is located in Kansas City, Missouri at 7506 N Oak Trafficway, Kansas City, MO 64118.

Q: How can I contact Design4?
A: You can reach Design4 at (816) 804-0577 or by emailing them at

Q: Does Design4 work with small and large businesses?
A: Yes, Design4 works with both small and large businesses to help them achieve their branding goals.


Design4 is a branding agency that has been making a name for itself in the industry with its creative and customized branding solutions. From its founding in a basement to its recent recognition, Design4 has always relied on AdvertiseKC’s full range of marketing services to achieve its branding goals. With AdvertiseKC’s help, Design4 was able to improve its online visibility, web design, and digital marketing strategies. AdvertiseKC’s design services also allowed Design4 to create stunning and creative designs that helped its clients stand apart. The team at Design4’s commitment to excellence and AdvertiseKC’s dedication to helping small businesses achieve their branding goals have made them a powerful force in the branding industry. Contact Design4 today to start crafting the perfect brand identity for your business!

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