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This Simplilearn video on Cyber Security In 7 Minutes will explain what is cyber security, how it works, why cyber security, who is a cyber security expert, and what are the different types of cyberattacks with examples. Now, let’s begin this cyber security video!

The topics covered in this video on Cyber Security are:
What Is a Cyberattack? 00:00:00
What Is Cyber Security? 00:01:11
Malware Attack 00:01:38
Phishing Attack 00:01:53
Man-in-the-middle Attack 00:02:13
Password Attack 00:02:37
Cyber Security Practices 00:02:51
Impact of a Cyber Attack 00:03:39
Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) 00:04:02
Denial of Service Attack & DDoS 00:04:18
SQL Injection Attack 00:04:35
Cyber Security Career 00:04:48
Quiz 00:05:44
Cyber Security Future 00:06:09

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✅ What Is Cyber Security?
Cyber Security refers to the method of protecting programs, networks, computer systems, and their components from unauthorized digital access and attacks. It consists of a set of techniques that are used to protect the integrity of networks. Cyber Security is implemented to prevent cyberattacks.

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✅ Skills Covered

– Ethical Hacking
– Penetration Testing
– Defensive Cybersecurity
– Cryptography
– Ransomware Analysis
– Malware Analysis
– Enterprise Security
– Network Concepts
– Threat Hunting
– Application Security

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