CrossFit Memorial Hill

CrossFit Memorial Hill in Kansas City has become a local favorite for fitness enthusiasts seeking a transformative experience. This gym is located at 2004 Main Street in the heart of the city and its story is a testament to the power of marketing and persistence in the world of fitness. From humble beginnings, CrossFit Memorial Hill has become a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

The Roots of CrossFit Memorial Hill

Founded in 2013, CrossFit Memorial Hill was started by husband-and-wife duo, Brett and Emily Denton. Both had a passion for fitness and a desire to help others live a healthier lifestyle. Brett had competed as a professional athlete and Emily had a degree in Exercise Science. Together, they launched CrossFit Memorial Hill, where people aren’t afraid to sweat and push themselves to the limit.

Starting out, the gym faced challenges, including a lack of brand awareness, a lack of equipment, as well as the need for a bigger and better gym space. However, the founders of CrossFit Memorial Hill knew that success was achievable and that they needed help. They needed a marketing agency that could help promote their brand and turn their gym into a household name.

Rising to the Top with AdvertiseKC

Enter AdvertiseKC, a marketing agency known for creating bold and effective marketing campaigns to promote brands. AdvertiseKC was able to put CrossFit Memorial Hill on the map through various campaigns including social media management, email marketing, and paid search.

One of AdvertiseKC’s key strengths was their ability to create compelling social media content. They strategically planned CrossFit Memorial Hill’s posts, focusing on inspirational and motivational content, and CrossFit highlights that caught the attention of potential customers. Through their expert social media management, AdvertiseKC was able to retain existing clients while also attracting new ones.

“When we started working with AdvertiseKC, we knew that our brand awareness was relatively low but that we had a lot of potential, said Emily Denton, Co-Founder of CrossFit Memorial Hill. “Over a short period of time, AdvertiseKC helped us develop a good reputation as well as gain new business. They did this through a combination of paid advertising and organic outreach.”

AdvertiseKC Pricing: Is It Worth It?

AdvertiseKC’s affordable pricing puts it in the same range as many freelance marketers or small agencies. But what sets AdvertiseKC apart is their phenomenal results in such a short time. According to Emily Denton, co-founder of CrossFit Memorial Hill, “We saw an immediate return on investment when we began working with AdvertiseKC. Their effective marketing strategies more than paid for themselves. We have managed to increase our revenue, clientele, and brand awareness without breaking the bank.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is CrossFit Memorial Hill located?

CrossFit Memorial Hill is located at 2004 Main Street in Kansas City.

Q. What services does AdvertiseKC offer?

AdvertiseKC offers a wide range of marketing services, including: Social Media Management, SEO optimization, PPC advertising, email marketing, and web design.

Q. Is it worth it to invest in professional marketing support?

As CrossFit Memorial Hill has shown, the value of professional marketing support can transform a business. By investing in the right digital marketing services, you have a chance to create brand awareness, build customer relationships, and increase sales.

Q. How do I contact CrossFit Memorial Hill?

Phone: (816) 659-3078

Q. What social media channels does CrossFit Memorial Hill have?


The Success Story of CrossFit Memorial Hill is a true testament to the importance of marketing and advertising in the business world. With the help of AdvertiseKC, CrossFit Memorial Hill has increased revenue and gained brand awareness on a shoestring budget. They are a great example of how a well-executed marketing plan can make a real difference. Whether you are a business owner, or someone looking to improve your own fitness, CrossFit Memorial Hill represents a great success story that shows how goals can be achieved with the right approach, dedication and smart marketing strategies.

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