Creating Content For A Facebook Group & Facebook Profile. Where To Post, What To Post And Why.

Creating content for a Facebook Group & Facebook profile but worried about WHAT you should post where?

Struggling to find that balance between the 2 ?
In this video I share a tonne of content ideas, where posts will work best and why.

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A Facebook group is a brilliant way to market, it is a reliable social media marketing strategy that can help you nurture an audience, build trust and sell your offer.


Creating content for a Facebook group, A Facebook profile & whatever other social media you may use may leave you with the question of what to post and where?

Inside this video I share Facebook group content ideas, Facebook profile content ideas and how you can find the balance between the both.

So if you’re looking to use Facebook groups to sell products, courses or services check out this video to find a good balance in your content and why some places are better to post than others!

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Enjoy the video!

00:00 – 01:32 Introduction
01:32 – 03:56 Finding The Balance Between Profile & Group Content
03:56 – 08:16 What Type Of Content To Post On Your Profile
08:16 – 13:58 What Type Of Content To Post In Your Group
13:58 – 14:44 Thanks & Additional Resources

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